Nicotine High

Nicotine high, alternatively known as nicotine buzz is a terminology that has gained a massive popularity across the globe. But, what this term refer to? Explained in simple terms, nicotine buzz refers to the Psychological as well as the physical feeling that revolves around nicotine, getting into the human body. Nicotine triggers an addiction towards cigarettes and it never happens by chance. It is a gradual process in the human brain and the body, stimulated by nicotine in some forms.

First-time smokers can experience high from nicotine to the maximum extent. Even those flocks who have given up the habit of smoking for a considerable span of time and after that, they resumed back puffing, starts feeling nicotine buzz as well. Any individual, smoking cigarette’s or taking products like nicotine gum high or nicotine patch high, starts feeling nicotine high, no matter they notice it happening or not.


An Overview of the Feeling of Nicotine High:

In the majority of the instances, someone taking nicotine products in any form will not notice the feeling associated with nicotine buzz. Hence, it will make sense to state the usual feeling experienced by people in these instances.
Nicotine High
The feeling of nicotine high, in some cases, can be imperceptible for the reason that it eliminates the usual withdrawal symptoms. In the majority of instances, it makes the individual feel calmness. Especially in the instances of tobacco consumers, the nicotine buzz starts up front, upon the consumption of products that are high on nicotine. However, this feeling lasts for the smallest time span.  As explained by those who felt the high nicotine, waves of calmness starts flowing over the consumer’s body and it eliminates the agitations, associated with withdrawal, just as the brain receives the nicotine. With the gradual rise in the extent of nicotine to the brain, consumers will feel that a feeling of relaxation and calmness is replacing the feeling of heaviness and stress.


Here is an excerpt of the process that triggers Nicotine High:

  • A consumer intakes nicotine through cigarette, chewable tobacco products, or maybe they inhale the electronic Cigar.

  • Within a flash, the nicotine gets to the brain and after getting there, nicotine gets attached to the Acetylcholine Receptors that monitors the extent of Dopamine in the human body.

  • Subsequently, Dopamine gets released into the body and it starts the feeling, associated with nicotine buzz.

  • Another pleasure-stimulating agent, ‘Serotonin’ is released into the body, triggered by nicotine.

The overall impact of these releases is that it will bring a feeling of calmness in your body and brain that will give you an impression about the withdrawal from stress and strain. It is for this reason that the majority of Tobacco consumers, feel like taking nicotine products, in between hectic work or in instances when they are going through some unpleasant times in life. Research now reveals the fact that nicotine buzz actually surpasses the feeling, creating more glucose inside the body. Nicotine high even reduces appetite and hence, immediately, after taking a puff, you will have a reduced feel of craving for food.


Are There any Chances of Overdose from Nicotine?

Nicotine HighThe possibilities for Overdose from nicotine are not a matter of chance, but it is almost inevitable. You need to keep in mind that nicotine is highly addictive and hence, as you start consuming nicotine in short intervals or to profuse extent, the only affect is that it will stimulate you, for taking more and more. Eventually, you turn into a soft target for nicotine and it starts controlling your senses, feeling and willpower. With any overdose of it, you develop a dependence on nicotine products that makes it almost impossible to withdraw from its consumption.
Now, here comes an interesting fact that will definitely make you to rethink about taking nicotine in any forms. Some people consider that products like nicotine gums, nicotine strips and the E-vapors are safe from the harmful effects of nicotine on the human body and mind. On the contrary, these products enhance the addiction towards nicotine and there is every chance that it will make you a smoker, consuming nicotine to higher extent.

This statement is supported by the outcome of the Jessica Barrington-Trimis studies that was conducted on the teenager smokers of E-vapors and various other consumers of Tobacco-based products, in any form. The research team included almost 200 respondents and to their observation, it came that the ones, who were using E-cig’s in very high extent, ended up, starting smoking regular cigarette. To the observation of the team, it is actually the feeling of nicotine buzz that stimulated these young people to start regular cigarettes or taking other nicotine products to satisfy the growing dependence on nicotine. This is definitely a worthy evidence to support the claim that smoking Nicotine E-cigarettes definitely contain sufficient extent of nicotine to trigger the feeling of high nicotine that stimulates the consumer to get addicted to nicotine.

Another research, conducted by a team from the Penn State College of Medicine, made similar observation, testing the Cigars from various popular brands. To their utter surprise, these products, though claimed to be apparently safe, contained substantially higher extent of nicotine, compared to what you will get in the regular cigarettes or other Tobacco-based products. Don’t you feel that such high content will intensify the feeling of nicotine buzz? It is for this reason that more and more users of E-cig’s and other products that are apparently claimed to be safe, actually intensifies the effects of high of nicotine, making nicotine an indispensable part of the consumer’s life.


Are there ways to Overcome Nicotine Buzz?

The only way to win over the challenge of nicotine high is that you should refrain from the consumption of nicotine-based items, completely. The two case studies discussed above are strong enough to establish how the apparently-safe nicotine products, actually intensifies the nicotine buzz. Hence, if you want to escape the unwanted instances, you should reduce and stay away from these products completely.

As some tricks and tips fight nicotine buzz, it will be wise to start practicing some breathing exercises. It is for the reason that such workouts control the secretion and function of hormones, controlling your senses. Another simple remedy is that you should consume water profusely that will calm down your nerves and hence, you will need not go through the nicotine high process of getting some satisfaction.

Most importantly, refrain from the consumption of nicotine products in those instances, when the propensity is towards the maximum extent. If you can win over such craving in instances like, just after the coffee, or after breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will definitely manage to win over the dependence on nicotine.



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