Harmful Effects of Tobacco

The harmful effects of tobacco are likely to appear due to smoking or chewing tobacco products.

These days, with a significant rise on health consciousness, have made many people aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. As suggested by Health experts, consumption of tobacco-rich products can produce the most devastating effects on the health of the consumers. In this regard, you need to keep in mind that though the hazardous effects of smoking are given the maximum discussion, still, you cannot overlook the harmful effects of chewing tobacco as well. Hence, it makes sense to discuss about tobacco harmful effects that are likely to motivate you to give up this brutal addiction, and thus, restore your health, wellbeing and happiness.

What are the Health Problems Likely to Appear due to Smoking:

As smoking produces the most devastating outcome among all types of tobacco products, it makes sense to start the discussion about the harmful effects of smoking tobacco with this topic. Starting from the apparently casual effects like drying of skin to mortality, the habit of smoking is definitely the most stringent challenge to your health. It is for this reason that health experts are counseling the smokers to give up this addiction, and in recent times, there has been a sharp rise in the count of the smokers, trying to quit smoking. If you belong to that group, here are some of the devastating effects of smoking that are strong enough to encourage you to shed this addiction, right now:

  • Harmful Effects of Tobacco
    Smoking 1 cigarette reduces the lifespan of a smoker by 10 minutes.
    Mortality: as per a recent study, smoking is the cause of more than 5 million deaths each year, around the globe. The same study reveals the fact that 1 cigarette reduces the lifespan of a smoker by 10 minutes. Thus, a smoker, compared with a non-smoker, stands 3 times higher chances to die before the age of 60 years. AS a fact, smoking is the largest cause of preventable deaths that happens across the world each year.
  • Pulmonary Diseases: long term exposure to the smoke that carry Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide are assumed to the cause for triggering various pulmonary diseases as well as the factor for the loss of elasticity of the Alveoli (inside the lungs), eventually leading to COPD and Emphysema. These ailments are featured by the loss of the usual Pulmonary capacity, associated with wheezing, breath shortness, persistent cough that comes with sputum as well as irreversible damages to your lungs. Thus, the tobacco harmful effects can really turn devastating.

  • Harmful Effects of Tobacco
    Smoking influences the cardiac cell division, which can change the usual shape of the human heart.
    Cardiovascular troubles: Smoking is one of the main cause of atherosclerosis that leads to diseases in the coronary artery as well as in the peripheral artery. A team of Amercian Biologists, recently observed that smoking influences the cardiac cell division in a manner that it results in the change of the usual shape of the human heart. In addition, smoking is held responsible for the occurrence of troubles like clotting of the arteries as well as acute inflammation in the veins of the hands.
    In addition, other disadvantages of smoking will include troubles like Renal ailments, Influenza, urine tract infections, arrays of cognitive dysfunctions, and it can intensify the load of stress on your body and mind.


What are the Harmful Effects of Chewing Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco will increase chances for oral cancer
Chewing tobacco will increase chances for oral cancer
The harmful effects of tobacco are not caused due to smoking only. Rather, there are the other chewable tobacco products and there is sufficient of data available that proves that these items are equally devastating as cigarette. Hence, while discussing the tobacco harmful effects, you must include the troubles that arise from such chewing items as well.
The list of the most commonly observed harmful effects of chewing tobacco will definitely start with the chances for oral cancer. Though, such devastating results can arise due to various chemical and physical reasons, you have to agree to the point that the habit of chewing tobacco products, enhances the chances for the outburst of such ailments. This statement gets support of the data that in a significant count of such victims, it was found that they had the addiction to some sort of chewable tobacco product, at some point in their lifetime. Thus, it will be right to state that, even if there are various other factors that can trigger this ailment, it is definitely true that the habit of chewing tobacco products will enhance the probability of such sufferings.
The mouth, throat, lips, and the tongue are the areas that stands the most vulnerable to the chances for oral cancer due to long exposure to chewable tobacco items. Even if the standing is not getting such detrimental, in the majority of the instances, such people suffer from the trouble of bad breath. Likewise, addiction to such products enhances the chances for tooth loss by 3 or 4 times.
On the whole, addiction for chewing tobacco products can take a fearsome toll on the oral health of the addict that is no lesser detrimental than the outcome, triggered due to smoking.
In this regard, it will be wise to mention that both smoking and chewing tobacco products enhances the chances of cancer. As per a study made by Michael J. Thun and party, the addiction to any forms of tobacco can enhance the chances of oral, liver and lung cancer by more than 5 times, compared to the non-smokers. The same study further revealed the point that each year, around 45000 people in the US are dying due to cancer and more than 85% of these people had some history of tobacco use in some forms or the other. Do one still need more data to establish the extent of harmful effects of tobacco?

However, the harmful effects of smoking tobacco do not stop here. An observation made by M.S. Jensen in the year 2005 suggested that smoking can result in the reduction of sperm count in men. The team came to this conclusion, only after analyzing the sperm and blood sample of more than 900 men and more than 500 women in the US. The research found that smoking can even trigger impotency and infertility in men and women. A major number of male smokers are also suffering from erectile dysfunction, triggered due to smoking.
Once you go through the harmful effects of tobacco discussed above, it is expected that you will get motivated to quit smoking as well as stop the consumption of tobacco products in any forms, up front.


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